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John gave me peace of mind in the sure knowledge that he knew his business back to front, enabling me to deal with things both when I was far away and on my trips back to Sydney. He made things easy for me.

And I felt I wasn’t alone in dealing with the whole aged care issue that was very new to me and seemed so difficult at an already difficult time.  S.R-R

I sincerely want to thank you for your kindness. You were one of the few people who provided advise and kindness at a time when I needed it. C.L.

We were thrilled with how you helped us so much, and we are are now referring you J. Thank you for your kindness & I know she and her parents are in good hands.


 It is good to have good people guide me through the labyrinth.
Now I can relax a bit and wait for advice on next steps.


Your help and kindness was greatly appreciated whilst we are going through a very emotional and upsetting time. many Thanks


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Moving day: this could become a very stressful day, so it’s important to be organised. Please remember, you don’t have to take everything with you on the first day. You can add and remove things as your parent adjusts to this new environment. But here are a few suggestions...