Tax Talks Episode 102
Aged Care 

Aged Living: How does Australia support aged living? What options are out there? In this episode John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership will walk you through the options you have – from retirement villages over home care and nanny flats to residential aged care. John will go through this with a lot more insight than we can, but here are 10 things we learned.

Moving into aged care

Day one: this could become a very stressful day, so it’s important to be organised. Please remember, you don’t have to take everything with you on the first day. You can add and remove things as your parent adjusts to this new environment.

Tax Talks Episode 103
Financing Aged Living

Financing aged living is not an easy undertaking. It is confusing and can be expensive.
In the last episode John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership walked you through the care options you have.

Tax Talks Episode 121
Age Pension

Qualifying for the age pension is an arduous exercise. But it can be done. About 75% of Australians at pension age receive some form of age pension – be it a full or partial age pension. To better understand the age pension we spoke to John Saunders of The Pittwater Partnership in Sydney. Here is what we learned, but please listen to the interview since John explains this much better than we ever could.

Current Schedule of Fees and Charges

Current Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care.

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